Medical Imaging

Medical Imaging

The latest NVIDIA Quadro GPUs provide ideal performance and features for medical and diagnostic imaging systems that depend on exacting image quality to assist medical professionals, across a wide variety of disciplines, to arrive at a timely and accurate diagnosis. With the ability to drive the latest 10- or 12-bit grayscale displays, or ultra-high-resolution color panels at up to 30bpp, Quadro products are found in systems from leading provides such as NDS Surgical Imaging, Siemens, and GE Medical.

For diagnostic dual-display systems, which typically utilize a third monitor for user interface or other functions, the NVIDIA Quadro K2000D provides an ideal single board solution. Two DVI-DL connectors drive medical-grade grayscale displays while a mini-DisplayPort connector drives a side display, which can utilize either a DisplayPort or DVI interface. The ability to drive three simultaneous displays reduces costs while providing the performance and functionality demanded by contemporary clinical settings.

Medical Imaging 2000D Diagram

PNY Understands Medical Imaging Customer Needs

PNY is a trusted supplier to medical and diagnostic imaging manufacturers and offers pre-sales support to choose the right Quadro product, access to dedicated Quadro Field Application Engineers during development and certification, along with technical support and warranty policies that maintain customer satisfaction once your system is commercially available.

Recommended NVIDIA Quadro Products for Medical Imaging


Quadro M6000 VCQM6000-PB
Recommended for medical or diagnostic imaging applications that require processing of massive 2D grayscale images or full color 3D images including stereoscopic 3D. Also ideal for motion video applications.

Quadro M5000 VCQM5000-PB
Recommended for medical or diagnostic imaging applications that require processing of large 2D grayscale images or full color images including stereoscopic 3D.

Quadro M4000 VCQM4000-PB
Recommended for medical or diagnostic imaging applications that integrate 3D data with 2D grayscale images.

Quadro K2000D VQK2000D-PB
Recommended for most medical or diagnostic imaging applications that utilize 10- or 12-bit grayscale displays in addition to a third display for user interface or patient information.

High Definition 10- and 12-bit Grayscale Support and Stereoscopic 3D

Quadro products support innovative NVIDIA grayscale packing technology that allow 5 or 10 megapixel 10- or 12-bit grayscale displays to be driven from DVI-DL connectors. Full DICOM calibration support via DDC is also provided. Numerous studies have demonstrated that clinicians arrive more quickly at accurate patient assessments with 10-bit (1,024 shades of gray) or 12-bit (4,096 shades of gray) displays. DICOM calibration ensures consistent image quality over the lifetime of a display, and is also utilized to integrate medical imaging system data into overall electronic medical record systems.

PNY Advantage

PNY provides unsurpassed service and commitment to it wide variety of professional graphics customers. In addition PNY delivers a complete solution including the appropriate adapters, cables, brackets, software installation disc and documentation necessary to ensure a quick and successful install.

  • 3-year warranty
  • Support for NVIDIA graphics solutions in all system brands
  • Pre- and post-sales assistance
  • Toll-free or email professional technical support
  • Dedicated Field Application Engineers