FAQs - Solid State Drives

  • Can I use two or more SSD drives in a RAID?
    Any of our SSDs can be used in RAID, but due to endurance specifications, only certain part numbers should be used in RAID. For servers, please contact PNY to determine the best PNY SSD to use for your workload.
  • Will the SSD experience a performance decrease?
    Performance decrease has been reported on some of the SSD drives. If you have an older SSD drive that does not have effective Garbage Collection, SSD drive performance will drop over time. This is due to the way the system overwrites data that has been flagged for deletion.
  • Should I defragment my SSD drive to maintain optimal performance?
    SSDs do not require defragmentation. Since there are no physical disks, there is no need to organize the data in order to reduce seek time. Therefore defragmenting an SSD is not effective. Also, defragmenting an SSD can put undue wear on specific areas of the drive. SSDs are designed to write data as evenly as possible over the entire drive to reduce undue wear to any one location.
  • Does my SSD require special drivers?
    No, the standard drivers for any HDD will support PNY SSD drives as plug and play components, such as those bundled with Windows or MacOS.
  • Can I Clone my hard drive onto the PNY SSD drive?
    Yes, though you will need cloning software to do this, There are various software’s available on the internet for this, If the cloned drive is going to be your main operating system drive please also note that you can only clone drives on the same connection type, for example you can clone a SATA drive to a Sata drive, but you cannot clone a IDE drive to a Sata drive because the operating system boot loader is not created for Sata operation and will not boot, however the data will still be copied to the new drive.
  • Do PNY SSD have a cache?
    Yes, though this is on the controller for faster performance, newer model PNY SSD drives have a DRAM cache.
  • My SSD drive is not detected during the windows installation, what do I do?
    Make sure you have the latest Bios for the motherboard, If using on a Desktop, try another Sata Port. If your Bios has the AHCI option, trying disabling this to see if it helps.
  • What is the advantage of SSD over a regular hard disk?
    Since the SSD uses flash chips the time needed to locate the data is virtually elminitated as data is written evenly throughout the flash chip.
  • Are these devices intended for use with desktops or notebooks?
    PNY SSD series drives are tested and validated to work on the latest notebook AND desktop platforms.