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Flash Memory Cards

Dear PNY,

I would like to give you feedback about one of your products that I recently purchased from the US. It is an 8 gb memory card for my blackberry. I really liked it and am happy with its use. I want to tell you something funny that happened with regards to your memory card, I came home from work after using my new card the whole day and seemed to have misplaced the memory card, due to its tininess J.

The next day I went to go search for it and I had forgot it in my shirt pocket which my wife had just washed in our full automatic washing machine, so before going into the dryer I found it drenched in water and I thought definitely that it was destroyed.

I go into the office the next day, inject it into my laptop and it worked perfect like nothing had happened, it was a total surprise for me, so thumbs up to your R&D and you can add that to your marketing of this product! “Our memory cards are waterproof and withstand temperatures of 90 degrees”..

Thank you and I just wanted to send you my positive feedback! Have a great day!

Best regards,

- Ahmed Aboulezz