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Case Studies

With PNY and NVIDIA Quadro, VYV Delivers Immersive Video Projections that
Entertain Live Audiences Worldwide

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“Our Photon interactive media servers require high-performance everything, including graphics cards. The NVIDIA Quadro GPUs are the only way we’ve been able to output to multiple projectors at once with the accuracy and reliability we need. With the Quadro cards, technology is not a barrier to our creativity. We are able to ‘think outside the screen’ and imagine what we want to see, without constraints.”
— Eric Plante, General Manager, VYV


NVIDIA Quadro and PNY Change the Face of Travel at Vienna Airport
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“The NVIDIA Quadro graphics boards have excellent picture quality, even at the highest resolutions and for full-video presentations. In addition, the NVIDIA Mosaic technology provides efficient control and synchronization of multiple monitors.”
— Peter Kleemann, Press Office Director, Vienna Airport

NVIDIA Quadro, PNY, and RSA Cosmos Transport Brno Observatory/Planetarium Visitors to the End of the Galaxy
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“PNY’s professional graphics technology expertise was invaluable in steering us toward the best graphics cards for our systems. And the technical stability of the solutions they provide, in addition to their post-sales support, will enhance our continued development in the future.”
— Damien Pelisse, CTO, RSA Cosmos

Ripple Creative Group Turns to NVIDIA Quadro and PNY to Streamline Management of Massive Virtual Building Tour Files and Establishes a New Standard for its Production Pipeline
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“We got some amazing feedback on the interactive virtual tour itself. One of the sponsors showed it to his staff, who reacted with shock. ‘You’ve already built it?’ they asked. The sponsor laughed and explained, no, it’s just a virtual model. But it was so real it fooled a lot of people.”
— Joe King, President, Ripple Creative Group

NVIDIA Quadro and PNY Fuel AccuWeather’s Storyteller® to Deliver Lightning-Fast Graphics, Live Video, and Real-Time Social Media to Top Broadcast Stations
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“The StoryTeller system has become integral to our daily broadcasts, whether it’s a live chase, a mortgage interest story, or an update on the Dallas Cowboys. StoryTeller is as reliable as can be, and because it’s powered by NVIDIA Quadro, it can handle anything we throw at it without any latency. It enhances what we do every day and gives us a competitive advantage.”
— Jerry Cadigan, Product Operations Manager, WFAA-TV (ABC), Dallas, Texas

Jump Studios, NVIDIA Quadro, Adobe and PNY Help Predict the Future of NASCAR’s Top Drivers in Compelling ESPN Teaser
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“The NVIDIA Quadro, CUDA, and Adobe technologies work together seamlessly and enable digital artists like us to work at the speed of thought.”
- Jeff August, Partner and Creative Director, Jump Studios

Adobe® CS5 and NVIDIA® Quadro® FX by PNY – What is your time worth?
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“When you consider the visual computing power the graphics card adds to my Adobe CS5 workflow, the NVIDIA Quadro by PNY hardware is an upgrade that pays for itself.”
- Tim Kolb, founder Kolb Productions

Obscura lights up Hard Rock Cafe’s Gigantic Rock Wall using the NVIDIA® Quadro® Plex D2 supported by PNY
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“We needed low latency and intense processing power to deliver the real-time vibrant graphics required. The Quadro Plex D2 delivers that.”
- Niklas Lundback, chief technology officer, Obscura Digital