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PNY Audio Labs is a combination of engineers, audiophiles and technicians who are committed to bringing the highest quality audio products to market. In 2012, PNY Audio Labs introduced the Smart Sound IQ line of earphones, multi-use audio products that offer simple integration and high performance. Based in our state-of-the-art manufacturing facility in Parsippany, NJ, PNY audio products undergo a rigorous testing process to ensure that we are delivering consumers the highest quality end product for many years of listening enjoyment.

Listen Carefully

Save Your Ears – Listen Carefully

Hearing Damage is irreversible and can easily happen after listening to music through earphones at too high a level for extended
periods of a time.

Low performance earphones do not efficiently reproduce the dynamic range of a recording. This results with the listener turning up
the volume to unsafe levels to hear more of the music resulting in Listening Fatigue and Hearing Loss.

Low Performance can be a result of Low Quality Components, Poor Air Seal in the Ear Canal and Designs based on aesthetics
and not efficiency
. PNY is incorporating technologies that maximize performance at Safer Listening Levels.

Enhanced Sealing for Maximum Noise Isolation

Focused Sound directly where it is needed

Safe Listening Duration Time by Decibel Level

90 dbA

8 hrs

92 dbA

6 hrs

95 dbA

4 hrs

97 dbA

3 hrs

100 dbA

2 hrs

102 dbA

1.5 hrs

105 dbA

1 hrs

110 dbA

0.5 hrs

115 dbA

0.25 hr or less

Typical Decibel Range of Common Sounds

60 dB

Everyday conversation, ringing telephone

70 dB


80 dB

Heavy city traffic, alarm clock at 2 feet, factory noise, vacuum cleaner, garbage disposal

90 dB

Subway trains, motorcycle, workshop tools, lawn mower

100 dB

Chain saw, pneumatic drill

110 dB

Dance club

120 dB

Rock concert speaker sound, sandblasting, thunderclap

130 dB

Jet take off, gunfire

Quick Facts on Hearing Loss:

  • 6.5 Million Teens have noticeable hearing loss. That is 31% more than a decade ago.*
  • People are losing their hearing at a rate 2.5 Times faster than their parents and grandparents.*
Source: * Starkey Hearing Foundation