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NVIDIA Quadro and PNY Fuel AccuWeather’s Storyteller® to Deliver Lightning-Fast Graphics, Live Video, and Real-Time Social Media to Top Broadcast Stations

Delivering fast-paced graphics and video has become a necessity for newsrooms both big and small. Whether it’s the latest radar images of an impending hurricane, a live traffic report, or social media interactions with on-air talent, TV stations face constant pressure to find ever-more graphically powerful formats. Traditionally, only the largest network studios had the money and technology to wow their audiences. Now, the StoryTeller™ Interactive Touchscreen system from AccuWeather, powered by NVIDIA® Quadro® graphics cards, levels the playing field—so news stations of any size can deliver compelling, real-time, multimedia interactive stories to their viewers.

The Project

With more than 50 years of weather forecasting experience, AccuWeather brings proven expertise to broadcast stations, helping them to graphically communicate their weather, news, sports, and entertainment stories.

AccuWeather’s StoryTeller Interactive Touchscreen system makes it easy for on-air talent to present stories that are compelling for modern audiences.

To develop this product, AccuWeather turned to PNY to provide pre- and post sales support allowing AccuWeather to select, source, and integrate the right components to build the system. Drawing on its long-time familiarity with NVIDIA products, AccuWeather chose a 4-input Quadro SDI graphics board for the heart of its StoryTeller Interactive Touchscreen system.

Positioned in all top 10 U.S. broadcast markets, AccuWeather’s StoryTeller system is a groundbreaking, high-resolution touchscreen platform that maximizes precision and responsiveness. Enhanced by an array of customizable applications created exclusively by AccuWeather, StoryTeller integrates all the content flowing into a news center and empowers broadcasters to rapidly bring stories to life in a way that amplifies the value for viewers.

The Players

AccuWeather, Inc. (, established in 1962, provides local forecasts for everywhere in the U.S. and nearly 3 million locations worldwide. It also delivers products and services to more than 175,000 paying customers in media, business, government, and institutions. AccuWeather’s headquarters in State College, Pennsylvania, is home to the greatest number of forecast meteorologists in one location anywhere in the world.

AccuWeather’s StoryTeller Interactive Touchscreen uses NVIDIA® Quadro® GPUs to provide broadcasters with unprecedented power, control, and flexibility for their on-air storytelling.
PNY Technologies, Inc. ( Offering pre-and post-sales assistance, three-year standard warranty, toll-free professional technical support, and an unwavering commitment to customer satisfaction, PNY partners and customers experience first-hand why PNY is considered a market leader in the professional graphics industry.

“Thanks to the speed, power, and cost-effectiveness of the Quadro GPUs, StoryTeller is the only product on the market that puts such powerful capabilities—multiple live inputs; full-screen output; and easy, instantaneous control, annotation, and telestration—into the hands of on-air broadcasters everywhere. Throughout the development, production, and marketing of the StoryTeller system, PNY ensured that we at AccuWeather had the products and support we needed, when we needed it.”
— Dan Despot, StoryTeller Product Manager, AccuWeather

The Challenges

  • Create an interactive touchscreen system that graphically enhances broadcast storytelling for all facets of a television newsroom.
  • Differentiate the product through multiple simultaneous inputs, HD output, and easy management of multiple media.
  • Deliver a top-notch tool at a price affordable to any newsroom.

The Solution

  • AccuWeather’s StoryTeller Interactive Touchscreen system provides on-air broadcasters at regional stations with the same interactive controls as network TV studios—so on-air talent can easily display, control, and annotate up to four screens of live video, graphics, and social media content.
  • In addition to the StoryTeller hardware, AccuWeather also provides software modules and regular updates, such as timelines and graphical explanations of topical events, in areas such as news, sports, weather, traffic, mapping, social media, and entertainment.
  • PNY helped AccuWeather select and integrate an NVIDIA Quadro K4000 graphics card and 4-input SDI Capture card—the only cost-effective GPU solution enabling multiple live inputs, instantaneous interactivity, and the flexibility needed in multifaceted newsrooms—into a Dell Precision Workstation T5600 running an 8-core Intel Xeon E5-2687W 3.1GHz processor and choice of U-Touch or Perceptive integrated touchscreens, ranging from 32” or 42” desk models to 65” to 103” on-air screens.

“We’re immensely proud of every aspect of the StoryTeller product, starting with the Quadro graphics boards and the other fundamental components, and we appreciate the expertise and support that PNY has provided at each stage of the product’s development. StoryTeller is great for our broadcast customers, and it’s great for their audience.”
— Ryan Ayers, Vice President of Display Services, AccuWeather

The Results

  • Only 18 months after its initial launch, the StoryTeller system became AccuWeather’s top-selling product, and it is installed in the top 10 television broadcast markets in the U.S.
  • Choosing the NVIDIA Quadro graphics cards not only helped AccuWeather reduce development time and costs for the StoryTeller system, it also enabled them to offer a plug-and-play full-screen output capability with live telestration—an affordable add-on feature that a majority of StoryTeller customers have chosen to use.
  • Because AccuWeather backs its StoryTeller products 100% with its customers, the reliability of the NVIDIA Quadro products is important—as are PNY’s warranty and support services, which have ensured rapid resolution to the few technical issues encountered.

“One of the big challenges for any news broadcast is to break out and look different, and we use the AccuWeather StoryTeller system to impart information and tell stories in a different, more graphical way. The StoryTeller system has become integral to our daily broadcasts, whether it’s a live chase, a mortgage interest story, or an update on the Dallas Cowboys. StoryTeller is as reliable as can be, and because it’s powered by NVIDIA Quadro, it can handle anything we throw at it without any latency. It enhances what we do every day and gives us a competitive advantage.”
— Jerry Cadigan, Product Operations Manager, WFAA-TV (ABC), Dallas, Texas