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Designed to maximize the performance of compute-intensive advanced visualization applications, NVIDIA® Quadro® by PNY specialty products are ideal solutions for:

  • Oil & Gas Exploration
  • Medical Imaging
  • Visual Simulation
  • Scientific Research
NVIDIA Quadro incorporates three powerful technologies that are essential to advanced visualization applications:

Single-System Powerwall
Allows any application to be projected on a dual-channel powerwall with sophisticated edge-blending to achieve uniform luminosity. The powerwall technology is application transparent. Therefore, any application can benefit from the advanced, projected visualization with the full graphics capabilities of NVIDIA Quadro technology.

Multi-System Genlock/Frame Lock*
Allows applications to synchronize video refresh and buffer swaps between multiple systems for full-scale reality centers for scientific, visual simulation, and engineering or design review software. Coupled with real time photorealistic and stylized effects enabled by the NVIDIA Quadro G-sync graphics boards, the genlock/frame lock capability represents a quantum leap forward in advanced visualization solutions.

Allows synchronization to standard video formats and house-sync signals with video post-processing and editing solutions, further integrating high-precision, cinematic-quality graphics into professional studio workflows.

*Multisystem genlock/frame lock available on Quadro specialty graphic boards and Quadro Plex solutions.

PNY offers a range of NVIDIA Quadro Products ideally suited for the
Scientific and Visualization markets:

Visit our Case Study page to learn how leading visualization professionals are using the NVIDIA Quadro graphics solutions in their high profile projects.

Image courtesy of UVAG